image“Dragon Rampant” The Royal Welch Fusiliers at War 1793-1815 by Donald E Graves. Published by Frontline Books, London

In this companion volume to “Fix Bayonets” Donald Graves covers the 23rd Regiment of Foot during the period of the wars against Napoleon. This includes the years when Colonel Sir Henry Walton Ellis was its beloved Commanding Officer. Combining original research with previously unpublished first hand accounts by those who served in the Regiment or fought alongside it, “Dragon Rampant” sees the 23rd in action in three continents, culminating in the Battle of Waterloo. The narrative follows the Regiment through hardship, disease and ration shortages, and into a series of skirmishes, sieges and battles It vividly places the reader in the midst of the action alongside officers, enlisted men and the women who followed them to war.

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