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Siop Lyfrau

Cymraeg - English

Llyfrau ar werth ar-lein o Amgueddfa’r Ffiwsilwyr Brenhinol Cymreig

Mae amrywiaeth eang o lyfrau ar bynciau milwrol ar gael ar-lein. Cliciwch ar enw’r llyfr am fwy o fanylion:


General Sir Hughie Stockwell was not only a very popular figure but arguably the most successful and experienced commander of his generation. His abilities were recognised during the Second World War by meteoric promotion: after Norway, he became Commandant of the Special Training Centre at Lochailort in 1941 and went on to command a battalion during the brilliant 1942 Madagascar invasion, 29 Brigade in Burma, and, by 1944, 82nd (West African) Division, also in Burma. In doing so he won a DSO, CB, CBE, and three mentions in dispatches.
This long overdue biography, written by an experienced operational general, demands to be read and not just for the life achievements of its subject. Drawing on previously untapped sources, it is a superb study of command. Fresh light is also thrown on Gubbins' Norwegian operations, the invasion of Vichy French Madagascar, the activities of 82nd (West African) Division, who surely deserve the title of 'Forgotten Army', and Templer's achievements as Supremo in Malaya.

ISBN 1844155048
PRIS: £7 - Cludiant: £2.99 cludiant yn y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)


WHITE DRAGON The Royal Welch Fusiliers in Bosnia.

This book tells the story of The Royal Welch Fusiliers in Bosnia, with an Introduction by Lt Col Jonathon Riley, Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion The Royal Welch Fusiliers and Foreword written by Lt Gen R A Smith DSO, OBE QGM.
"The Battalion's tour was one of the most difficult and dangerous carried out by any unit in Bosnia.
As the UN Commander I was proud of their sterling performance."
Lt General Rupert Smith DSO, OBE, QGM


ISBN 0-9525408-5-1

PRIS: £5 - Cludiant: £2.99 cludiant yn y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)



Forty-four men who appear in this volume (covering the period 1914-82 were either born in Wales, died in Wales, had Welsh parents or gained the VC for action whilst serving with a regiment that is today associated with Wales. Each entry contains full biographical details of the recipient and an analysis of his VC action. In addition, biographical details of a further five men who have a more tenuous link with the principalitiy are included in the appendices.


ISBN 9781844940288
Pris: £10 - Cludiant: £2.99 cludiant yn y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)



An in-depth examination of the details of a number of individual VC actions and other significant events in the lives of the men concerned. The 39 men who appear in this volume (covering 1854-1902) are not all Welshmen, but they were either born in Wales, died in Wales, had Welsh parents or gained the VC for action whilst serving with a regiment that is today associated with Wales.
With over 400 photographs, prints, drawings, documents, showing as many facets of each man's life as possible.
Heart of a Dragon is possibly the most comprehensive study of a group of VC recipients ever published.


ISBN 9781844940271
Pris: £10 - Cludiant: £2.99 cludiant yn y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)


Volume 1: The British Isles, Europe, Africa and Asia. With an introduction by Professor John Childs, this volume covers the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Dunkirk, Mardyck, Gibraltar, Minorca, Tangier, the West African settlements, St Helena and the Far Eastern outposts of the Honourable East India Company.

Volume 2: The Americas and the Caribbean. With an introduction by René Chartrand, his volume covers Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Hudson’s Bay, all the colonies of New England, Virginia, Carolina, British Honduras, British Guiana, Amazonia, The Miskito Coast, the Bermudas, Jamaica, the Bahamas, the Barbadoes, the Windward and the Leeward Islands.


These two volumes provide a survey of the military effort of Britain in the colonies and overseas territories in their earliest years. Volume 1 covers Europe, Africa and Asia and also surveys the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Volume 2 covers North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Together, they bring much detailed information together on the military forces and garrisons of the empire, much of which is unpublished and has been gathered from original source material. The books provide full lists of the officers the regular and militia forces in the colonies and overseas territories, including biographical details; they also give details of the expeditions that seized the territories, including in Volume 2, the part played by the militia regiments of New England and the West Indies. They are a must for any student of early colonial forces.


• Descriptions of every territory, its origins, the military forces employed to seize it and its later military establishment
• Detailed lists of regular garrisons, companies, regiments, colonial/provincial regulars and the Ordnance Office detachments
• Detailed lists of the Militia regiments
• Descriptions and lists of expeditions mounted by colonial troops, especially those against Quebec, Hispaniola, Guadeloupe and Martinique
• Survey of the various Companies and their garrisons (Royal African, Newfoundland, East India, Guinea and so on)
• Surveys of the Channel Islands ands Isle of Man
• Modern maps
• Contemporary plans and illustrations
• Introductions by two of the foremost historians of the period.

Vol 1, 320pp, ISBN 978-90-81888-2-1,
Vol 2, 520pp, ISBN 978-90-81888-3-8,

The Authors
Dr Wienand Drenth has already published work on British regiments in 1699 and 1714;
Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley served in the British Army for 39 years and has published 15 books to date.


Vol 1
UK, £18.50; Europe, €22; US and Canada, $27.50
Vol 2
UK, £27.00; Europe, €32; US and Canada, $40
Discounted Price for two volumes
UK, £35; Europe, €45; US and Canada, $55

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Medal Rolls: 23rd Foot (Royal Welch Fusiliers): Napoleonic Period (Hardcover)
by Norman Holme (Editor), E.L. Kirby (Editor)

Published in 1978, these long-lost copies of this lovely book have been lying in our storeroom for nearly 40yrs, still in their brand-new state, wrapped and protected against time.
• Hardcover: 206 pages
• Publisher: Spink & Son Ltd (Dec. 1979)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0907605052

A Medal Roll can only confirm that a soldier was entitled to a certain medal; it tells us nothing about those men who brought honour to their country and their regiment. This book contains an enormous amount of painstaking research and contains biographical notes on officers, NCOs and men of the Royal Welch Fusiliers who played such a splendid part in the downfall of Napoleon. This rare book contains a huge amount of detail including:

Rolls of Officers, NCO's & Men, by companies at Waterloo.
The Waterloo Casualty Rolls.
Officer Waterloo Medal Rolls.
Officer Rolls. Army Gold Medal and Cross.
Officers Rolls. Military General Service Medal 1793-1814.
Biographical notes on Officers, NCO's & Men present at Waterloo.
NCO's & Men Medal Rolls. Military General Service Medal. With biographical notes.

ISBN-10: 0907605052

Pris: £7 - Cludiant: £2.99 cludiant yn y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)


Regimental Records of the Royal Welch Fusiliers 1945 - 2000

Regimental Records of the Royal Welch Fusiliers 1945 - 2000:

Riley, Brigadier JP (Compiler)

Published by The Royal Welch Fusiliers, Wrexham, 2001
Format: Hardcover - Blue cardboard covering, with the Red Dragon Rampant embossed on the front cover.

Published by The Royal Welch Fusiliers in 2001. The two volumes cover the period following the end of the Second World War through to the year 2000. Compiled by Brigadier JP Riley DSO, a former Commanding Officer of the regiments 1st Battalion. Volume VI weaves the regiments story from post-war Germany and Japan, into the 1950's, covering the Malaya Emergency, a tour of the West Indies, serious unrest in Cyprus and garrison life for the thousands of young men who undertook national service. It enters the 1960's changing into professional army, much smaller in size as the empire shrinks, and finishes just as the troubles in Northern Ireland are commencing.

Volume VII picks up the story in 1969, swiftly focussing on the conflict in Northern Ireland, which was to dominate the regiment throughout the 1970/80's. It tells the story of their success and losses in great detail. It follows all aspects of regimental life including a close look at the territorial battalions and cadet units. It provides eye-witness accounts of the Fire Strike in 1977, the Hunger Strikes in 1981, the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the Siege of Gorazde in Bosnia Feb - Aug 1995. The regiment witnessed it all.

The books contain battalion nominal rolls down to SNCO level, additionally a definitive Roll of Honour, Awards & Honours list and an extensive name index. These volumes are a must for anyone who served with the RWF during the periods covered or indeed their families. They will also appeal to military historians, the regiment was involved in several key moments in post-war european history.
A lasting, fascinating account of a remarkable regiment.

2 Volume Set.  ISBN: 0952540878  Pris: £22.50 - Cludiant: £6.00 (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)


Volume VI 1945 - 1969 ISBN: 0952540886  Pris: £12.50 - CLUDIANT AM DDIM YN Y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)


Volume VII 1969 - 2000 ISBN:0952540894 Pris: £12.50 - CLUDIANT AM DDIM YN Y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)


(Postage included for UK only - other destinations at cost)

“Afghan Dragon” – 1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) Aviation Assault Battle Group in Operation Herrick 11.

Bridge Books 2010.  96 tudalen.  Clawr Papur Fformat Mawr.
Cofnod gwerthfawr o wasanaeth y Bataliwn yn Helmand, Afghanistan, yn ystod  2009-10, yn rhoi  hanes y swyddogion a’r milwyr yn eu geiriau a’u lluniau eu hunain. Roedd y daith yn cynnwys Ymgyrch Moshtarak, yr ymosodiad awyrol mwyaf ers Rhyfel Cyntaf y Gwlff ac roedd Grŵp y Frwydr yn integreiddio lluoedd Afghanistan, Ffrainc, Estonia, Canada ac America i greu llu gwirioneddol gyfunol. Mae’r gyfrol yn dangos sut yr wynebodd y Rhyfelwyr Cymreig yr heriau newydd â dewrder, tosturi a hiwmor nodweddiadol.

PRIS: £6 - Cludiant: £2.99 cludiant yn y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)


“THAT ASTONISHING INFANTRY” The History of The Royal Welch Fusiliers 1689 – 2006 Michael Glover a Jonathon Riley

The History of The Royal Welch Fusiliers
1689 – 2006
Michael Glover a Jonathon Riley

Bu argraffiad gwreiddiol 1998 yr hanes nodedig hwn o’r Gatrawd allan o brint ers blynyddoedd, ond mae galw mawr amdano o hyd.
Yn yr argraffiad newydd hwn, yn seiliedig ar waith y diweddar Michael Glover, adroddir yr hanes hyd at fis Mawrth 2006 pan beidiodd y Ffiwsilwyr Brenhinol Cymreig â bodoli fel endid annibynnol. Mae’r Is-gyrnol J P Riley wedi golygu’r gwaith ac ychwanegu pennod newydd yn cwmpasu diwedd y Rhyfel Oer hyd at yr uno yn 2006. Mae’r cyfnod stormus hwn yn cynnwys gwasanaeth y Gatrawd yn y Balcanau ac Irac. Mae’r atodiadau wedi’u diwygio a’u hehangu, ac mae ffotograffau wedi’u hychwanegu at y testun, gyda llawer mewn lliw, ynghyd â darluniau mapiau a brasluniau o waith Kyffin Williams.

PRIS: £9.99 - CLUDIANT AM DDIM YN Y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)

“Dragon Rampant”  The Royal Welch Fusiliers at War 1793-1815 gan Donald E Graves. 
Cyhoeddwyd gan Frontline Books, Llundain

Yn y cydymaith hwn i “Fix Bayonets” mae Donald Graves yn trafod y 23ain Catrawd Troed yn ystod cyfnod y rhyfeloedd yn erbyn  Napoleon. Mae hyn yn cynnwys y blynyddoedd y bu’r Cyrnol Syr Henry Walton Ellis yn Brif Swyddog arni. Gan gyfuno ymchwil gwreiddiol â hanesion personol nas cyhoeddwyd o'r blaen gan y sawl a fu'n gwasanaethu yn y Gatrawd neu a fu'n ymladd ochr yn ochr â hi, mae “Dragon Rampant” yn rhoi hanes y 23ain yn ymladd ar dri chyfandir, gan arwain at benllanw ym Mrwydr Waterloo.  Dilynir hanes y Gatrawd drwy galedi, salwch a phrinder dognau, ac i gyfres o ornestau, gwarchaeoedd a brwydrau. Mae’n gosod y darllenydd yn fyw yng nghanol y brwydro wrth ochr y swyddogion, y dynion a ymrestrodd a’r menywod â’u dilynodd i’r rhyfel.

PRIS: £10 - Cludiant: CLUDIANT AM DDIM YN Y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)


The Napoleonic War Journal Of Captain Thomas Henry Browne 1807 - 1816

"The Napoleonic War Journal Of Captain Thomas Henry Browne 1807 - 1816" edited by Roger Norman Buckley

Thomas Henry Browne (1787-1855) was born in Liverpool, the eldest of seven children. He was the son of George Browne and Felicity Wagner, a highly cultured woman whose father had been the "Imperial and Tuscan Consul at Liverpool". The family originally came from County Cork in Ireland but moved to Liverpool where George became an important merchant. In around 1800 the business suffered severe financial setbacks and the family moved to North Wales.

Thomas Browne joined Wellington's staff in 1811 and in the following year was appointed Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General. The journal therefore starts with Thomas Browne as a first lieutenant who gets his promotion to captain shortly before the Battle of Vitoria. It ends in 1816, after Napoleon's return from Elba and the battle of Waterloo (in which Browne did not participate) when he was in Vienna as ADC to Lord Steward. Shortly afterwards, he became private Secretary to the Embassy. He returned to England in that year.

The book is very ably edited by Professor Buckley. In the preface he tells us something about Browne, his personality as well as his family and regimental backgrounds. This is followed by an extensive introduction explaining the new professionalism of the British army, the effects of drill to achieve unquestioned compliance and reflex responses to commands. This in turn made it possible for soldiers to engage in warfare at point blank range, which was one of the characteristics of armed conflict at the time. The nature of Napoleonic warfare is aptly described as a trial of strength lasting several hours, fought on a narrow terrain with fearsome and bloody results. Prof. Buckley describes them as "large scale pounding matches to the death", with heavy casualties on both sides.

PRIS: £5 - Cludiant: £2.99 cludiant yn y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)


Researching British Military Medals

"Researching British Military Medals" A Practical Guide by Steve Dymond

Medals are attractive and interesting to collect in their own right, but can also offer a remarkable amount of information about the military career, eventual fate, and even the physical appearance of the men who won them on the battlefields of the last 200 years. Here, Steve Dymond leads you every step of the way towards discovering more about the recipient of the medal, using a number of readily accessible archive sources. The advice here will help anyone researching family trees, as well as medal collectors. Above all, the author demonstrates the thrill of learning more about the past.


PRIS: £10 - Cludiant: £2.99 cludiant yn y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)

Llyfryn yr Amgueddfa, 2000, 29tt. Sb

Arweiniad i’r Amgueddfa a hanes y Gatrawd gyda lluniau ysblennydd.

PRIS: £2.00
Cludiant: £1.25 cludiant yn y DU (cyrchfannau eraill yn ôl cost)


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